The Art of
Making Hard

An Interactive Seminar

Have you ever made a decision you regretted? Have you ever decided to “wait” when the proper course was to take action? Have you ever taken immediate action when the proper course was to wait? Have you ever failed to make a decision when one was needed? My seminar will provide proven techniques to assist attendees in making the right decisions.

The seminar will help you to:
• Understand when to act and when to wait
• Come from the appropriate mind-set to make the right decisions
• Avoid regretful decisions
• Understand how relationships influence our decision-making
• Refine our relationship roles to promote better decision-making

We typically make about 35,000 decisions every day. They range from the seemingly insignificant, such as vanilla or chocolate? To life changers like:
• Continue my education?
• Find new employment?
• End, begin, or change a relationship?
• Move to a new location?
• Speak up?
• Say nothing?

My seminar heightens awareness of the decision-making process, and provides the tools and techniques to enhance the art of making the right decisions in these instances and others.