Jump Start Your Life

An Interactive Seminar

Sometimes our lives become mired in the same rut, in repeating patterns, in our comfort zone. Sometimes we long for more, yet are reluctant to reach out for more.

The seminar will help you to:

• Leave mediocrity behind

• Take personal responsibility for your life

• Quit trying harder – trying harder at what hasn't worked, doesn't work

• Ignore conventional approaches - “faith in the familiar” sets a trap

• Focus on the ends rather than the means – a vision is a must

• Make your move before you're ready – once underway, you'll know more than you know you know

• Look inside for the opportunity – you are your greatest asset

My “JUMP START YOUR LIFE” seminar is intended for those finding themselves in boredom, malaise, discomfort, or unhappiness. If you long for positive change, a new mental or emotional environment, or simply want to heed your calling, this seminar is for you.

My seminars are always interactive, experiential, and fun! Based, in part, on the books, The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, You Squared and The Quantum Leap Strategy, by Price Pritchett, you'll not only “JUMP START YOUR LIFE,” you'll also have the tools to propel yourself into the next highly energized stages of your journey.