An Interactive Seminar

Our busy schedules demand that we make the most of our time. Procrastination is a time-killer. If you find yourself delaying either starting, continuing, or completing important tasks, you're wasting one of your most valuable resources; time.

Join this gathering and enjoy many benefits:

  •   Learn to recognize procrastination's causes and perceived paybacks
  •   Discern your most important activities upon which to focus
  •   Gain tools and techniques to lay aside procrastination and become a consistent producer
  •   Avoid the stresses and guilt associated with procrastination

Here are just some of the comments, taken from seminar evaluation forms:


  • Interactive/was so interactive
  • Simple exercises that don't take up much time – doable ways to get started
  • So much wonderful material
  • Affirmation that I am not alone
  • Great handouts and slides. Tom an excellent speaker
  • Very well prepared! Loved the ideas and will definitely put them to use. Thank you!
  • So many useful things I can put into action

Procrastinators often find it difficult to engage in relaxing activities as the anxiety of unfinished responsibilities nag at our consciousness and thoughts of “I should be” fill our minds. Thoughts such as “I should be finishing a task,” or “I should be working on a project,” dilute our attention and create anxiety.

This interactive class will help participants to live a more engaging and active life. They'll learn to take action instead of delaying, and forward movement as opposed to stagnation