Using Stress to
Your Advantage

An Interactive Seminar

Participants will learn to;

• Assess levels of stress

• Identify signs and symptoms of stress overload

• Identify stress triggers (even positive events can be stressful)

• Manage stress by reducing the level of and incidences of stress

• Apply stress reduction techniques

According to Science News, “Nonstop, low-grade stress contributes directly to physical deterioration, adding to the risk of heart attack, stroke, infection and asthma. Even recovery from cancer becomes harder.”

According to Mental, “Researchers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) suggest that chronic stress can lead to or exacerbate mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, cognitive (thinking) problems, personality changes, and problem behaviors.”

Most of us don't need experts to tell us that a mind-body connection exists, and that stress is damaging. We already know

While I can't promise that in one seminar you'll be stress free. What is promised, are approaches to experiencing a consistent sense of greater wellness and relaxation, through your healthy awareness of stress and stress reduction techniques.