Let’s invest our resources together, to create new, positive, and enriching experiences for you, thus creating the richest, fullest, freest life imaginable.



It has been said that, “Failure to execute is one of the biggest problems in organizations today.” Business owners and managers talk themselves out of the very strategies that are pulling at them to be implemented. Let’s partner to discover, define, and translate into action, business-building approaches and programs.


I’m a very organized business owner and keep up with my goals on a frequent basis, therefore, I didn’t think I needed a coach. I met with Tom to see how he coaches, his techniques and his follow up·so I would be able to refer him to other people. During our meeting, I was so impressed with his skill set, I hired him as my business and personal coach. Tom held me to account so I could meet my business and personal goals. That was over a year ago and he is still helping me achieve·what I have set out to do. I have had coaches in the past and none of them compare to Tom. I recommend·him to everyone I know.


Tom is very easy to work with and a great listener. He is able to provide the guidance necessary to reach your goals whatever they may be, and I believe he genuinely wants to see you succeed. You will accomplish much more by having someone like Tom in your corner!


I can tell you what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a far more comfortable life and far more acceptance of yourself. He lets you do it yourself, because he knows you’re going to learn through it. Then, most importantly, you realize that you can do it.


Great experience working with Thomas Wendt – great professional and great to talk with. He kept it simple, kept it focused, and was results driven. Tom was also very organized and thoughtful all the time. Solid Coach.

Ernest A, Life Coaching

The coaching experience brought me tools to create a vision, and put it into action. What I went there for was a career goal, and what I ended up with was a whole life plan, which has continued to evolve.


Great first discussion with Tom! I think I found a partner who can help me plan out the next steps and evaluate the choices I am looking to make with my career and life plan to achieve my longer term goals!

Mike S, Business & Career Coaching

Tom has been a great help to me in dealing with much personal trauma the last several years. His coaching is very positive, insightful and inspirational; I’ve found it to be· effective in combating depression.


He knows how to get to the crux of the matter. I will probably use Tom Wendt for a month or two of guidance.

Anthony B, Business & Career Coaching
We are each our own richest resource
We are each our own most courageous ally
There is no challenge outside of us
that is greater than that which is within us

Tom Wendt


Live It – Really Live It! Is a #1 Best-Seller

Tom Wendt, life coach, speaker, and author, topped the Amazon.com Best Sellers Lists on February 20, 2019, with a #1 rankings in Religion & Spirituality Short Reads and Spiritual Growth. The book also hit a #2 ranking in Personal Success. The book was also recognized as a #1 Hot New Release in three Amazon.com Best Sellers categories.


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