Business Coaching

If you’re middle aged or senior, let’s partner for:
  • Greater profitability
  • Less stress
  • Improved organization and efficiency
  • More free time

I’ll support you in changing your procrastination into action, doubts into destiny, and fears into focus. With my help, you’ll talk yourself into greater successes.

Thinking of starting a business? We’ll work together to:

  • Clearly define your product or service
  • Target specific niches
  • Determine marketing strategies
  • Identify key resources
  • Identify key partners
  • Define cost structure

As an active member of our local Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, I have intimate knowledge of the challenges entrepreneurs face. I constantly work with business owners to create the most profitable business strategies to fit their motivation and desires.


Coaching sessions occur by Zoom or phone.

I offer a combination of one-hour and half-hour sessions, depending on your needs.

No pre-payment required. Payment required for each session only.

As a reasonable estimate, I suggest budgeting between $500 and $800 to find and implement smooth transitions, solutions to your challenges, and produce the results you’re seeking. Some individuals have needed less, some more. Scheduling will always be your choice.

  • Half-hour $85
  • Hour $140

A portion of my clients choose to work with me for an extended period as they realize the benefits of having a coach in their life. But it is your coaching program, and again, it will be your choice.

Business Coaching Questionnaire

Let’s partner to discover, define, and translate into action, your best business-building action steps. We’ll draw on your wisdom, judgment, intuition, and business acumen to discover new ideas.

I offer a FREE, no obligation, over-the-phone, Take the Next Step, Business Strategy Planning Session. Complete this questionnaire and we’ll partner to determine The Next Step for you to take in building your business.