I love speaking to gatherings of all sizes and have been doing so for over four decades. I consider it a privilege to speak with groups of individuals wanting to draw from within themselves more of their wisdom, talent, courage, creativity, and other aspects of character.


Put the power of Metaphysics to work for you!

  • Get quality results by focusing on your goals and dreams
  • Redirect negative thinking
  • Obtain positive outcomes
  • Be grateful and you’ll find more to be grateful for
  • Create win-win in all interactions
  • “Individualize” your business to attract more customers

The Art of Initiating and Managing Difficult Conversations

An interactive personal-growth seminar

Learn to:

  • Initiate and manage difficult conversations
  • Listen from the heart in every situation
  • Distinguish facts from stories in emotional situations
  • Create a safe environment for dialogue
  • Apply spiritual principles and Nonviolent Communications in daily communications
  • Redirect conversations where dialogue has been lost

Gain the ability to initiate conversations you’re reluctant to start. This interactive seminar provides knowledge and tools for listening, creating connection, and facilitating dialogue in tough, emotional situations.

“Instead of getting hooked and fighting back, break the cycle. See their aggressive behavior for what it is – a sign of violated safety – then step out of the conversation, build safety, and step back into the content.” Joseph Grenny, Crucial Conversations author

Start Today – Experience Benefits Sooner!

An Interactive Seminar

Our busy schedules demand that we make the most of our time. Procrastination is a time-killer. If you find yourself delaying either starting, continuing, or completing important tasks, you’re wasting one of your most valuable resources; time.

Join this gathering and enjoy many benefits:

  •   Learn to recognize procrastination’s causes and perceived paybacks
  •   Discern your most important activities upon which to focus
  •   Gain tools and techniques to lay aside procrastination and become a consistent producer
  •   Avoid the stresses and guilt associated with procrastination

Here are just some of the comments, taken from seminar evaluation forms:

  • Interactive/was so interactive
  • Simple exercises that don’t take up much time – doable ways to get started
  • So much wonderful material
  • Affirmation that I am not alone
  • Great handouts and slides. Tom an excellent speaker
  • Very well prepared! Loved the ideas and will definitely put them to use. Thank you!
  • So many useful things I can put into action

Procrastinators often find it difficult to engage in relaxing activities as the anxiety of unfinished responsibilities nag at our consciousness and thoughts of “I should be” fill our minds. Thoughts such as “I should be finishing a task,” or “I should be working on a project,” dilute our attention and create anxiety.

This interactive class will help participants to live a more engaging and active life. They’ll learn to take action instead of delaying, and forward movement as opposed to stagnation

Begin living your potential today!

Sometimes our lives become mired in the same rut, in repeating patterns, in our comfort zone. Sometimes we long for more, yet are reluctant to reach out for more.

The seminar will help you to:

• Leave mediocrity behind

• Take personal responsibility for your life

• Quit trying harder – trying harder at what hasn’t worked, doesn’t work

• Ignore conventional approaches – “faith in the familiar” sets a trap

• Focus on the ends rather than the means – a vision is a must

• Make your move before you’re ready – once underway, you’ll know more than you know you know

• Look inside for the opportunity – you are your greatest asset

My “JUMP START YOUR LIFE” seminar is intended for those finding themselves in boredom, malaise, discomfort, or unhappiness. If you long for positive change, a new mental or emotional environment, or simply want to heed your calling, this seminar is for you.

My seminars are always interactive, experiential, and fun! Based, in part, on the books, The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, You Squared and The Quantum Leap Strategy, by Price Pritchett, you’ll not only “JUMP START YOUR LIFE,” you’ll also have the tools to propel yourself into the next highly energized stages of your journey.

Have you ever made a decision you regretted? Have you ever decided to “wait” when the proper course was to take action? Have you ever taken immediate action when the proper course was to wait? Have you ever failed to make a decision when one was needed? My seminar will provide proven techniques to assist attendees in making the right decisions.

The seminar will help you to:

  • Understand when to act and when to wait
  • Come from the appropriate mind-set to make the right decisions
  • Avoid regretful decisions
    Understand how relationships influence our decision-making
  • Refine our relationship roles to promote better decision-making

We typically make about 35,000 decisions every day. They range from the seemingly insignificant, such as vanilla or chocolate? To life changers like:

  • Continue my education
  • Find new employment?
  • End, begin, or change a relationship?
  • Move to a new location?
  • Speak up?
  • Say nothing?

My seminar heightens awareness of the decision-making process, and provides the tools and techniques to enhance the art of making the right decisions in these instances and others.

An educational and interactive workshop

What you say in the first 30 seconds matters!

Learn to clearly state:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer
  • How you do it
  • What you deliver
  • Who you work with
  • A clear, concise, intriguing introductory

It’s not a sales pitch, it’s the start of relationship building

Learn what not to say

Your introduction and the doors it opens can greatly impact your bottom line in positive ways.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss presentation dates and times.
Thank you for your interest.

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